The Il Primo OneShot concept is a winner in any sector

A great many organisations and companies are already working successfully with Il Primo OneShot dispensers. Il Primo OneShot is indeed an easy way to boost your business. By offering premium quality ice cream for little investment, this concept represents a smarter choice than an ice cream machine, for example. Purchasing an Il Primo OneShot involves a relatively low-level investment that can be recovered in a short time. Faster output with no less than 240 portions an hour. More energy-efficient than a 100-Watt light bulb. Cost-effective, 24/7, in summer and winter. Discover the convenience and multiple benefits for yourself!

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Il Primo OneShot is the ideal ice cream concept for a sector that demands top quality and output, 24/7. Il Primo OneShot is being successfully deployed in the catering industry in venues such as:

• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Bars
• Lunch rooms
• Company canteens


Fast Service

The convenience, quality and output rate that the Il Primo OneShot offers, are particularly valuable in the fast service sector. Example outlets are:

• Cafés
• Kiosks
• On-the-go: petrol stations, train stations and ferries



Leisure is another sector in which the flexibility, convenience and low costs associated with the Il Primo OneShot are a sure way to success. For example:

• Sporting clubs and fitness centres
• Swimming pools
• Camping sites
• Playgrounds and amusement parks
• Beaches



The care sector is no exception when it comes to favouring convenience and low costs. Here, however, easy cleaning features are even more desirable. That’s why Il Primo OneShot can also readily be found at a variety of organisations active in the healthcare sector, such as:

• Hospitals
• Care homes
• Prisons