True Italian roots
For the past almost 80 years (since 1938) La Venezia has produced finger-licking good ice cream and dessert products. Our longstanding experience, our preparation according to traditional methods, our balanced recipes and our modern production facilities guarantee the highest quality and a delicious taste.

Italy is rightfully proud of its centuries-old tradition in ice cream and desserts. Originally, La Venezia was founded by two Italian entrepreneurs. After World War II, the Moons family took control of the business. The Italian passion for all things ice cream and dessert was paired with new entrepreneurial impetus. Over the decades, our company grew to its present size.

From ice cream car to ‘semi-industrial’
Excellent ingredients were, and still are, the basis for a good product. Grandpa Moons was a milk trader who supplied the company with fresh dairy from day one. Through a release hatch in a house and three ice cream cars, the most delicious ice cream was introduced to the surrounding region. During the following years, there was an important increase in size and scope. In the sixties, the release hatch was succeeded by a professional ice cream salon. Tens of ice cream cars delivered products direct to the consumer.

At present, the company La Venezia is run by the third generation of the Moons family. In 1991, the ice cream salon was closed and focus shifted to semi-industrial production of ice cream and desserts for hotels, restaurants and cafés and wholesalers. Five years later, in 1996 La Venezia moved from Helmond to its current location in Beuningen.

IL Primo and La Venezia ice cream
La Venezia has developed the stylish brand of IL Primo. This premium brand unites the concepts of dairy ice cream, sorbet ice cream as well as the IL Primo One Shot concept. This innovative ice cream concept is unique in its user-friendly operation and convenience, and continues to meet the demand in all types of hotel and catering industry. Since 2001, La Venezia Ice Cream BV produces and markets this success story with the Benelux. Over 2.500 clients have opted for this unique way of presenting ice cream.

Two qualities of scooping ice cream are currently available under the La Venezia brand name: one is dairy ice cream based on traditional recipes using butter. The second is a wide range of dessert ice cream you will find throughout the hospitality and catering sector, because of the great variety in tastes.

In addition, we at La Venezia can provide you with private label ice cream solutions. Ongoing investment in technology and logistics enables us to develop a specific and tasty recipe for every client need.