Who we are

Who we are

Passion for ice cream and desserts
Since 1938 La Venezia has manufactures its artisanal ice cream, for almost 80 years. Already for three generations, we are a family business driven by the passion to have your customers enjoy our high-quality delicious ice cream. Our entrepreneurship is based on respect as well as safety for our employees, relations and environment.

Working from our location in Beuningen, we deliver the best ice cream and bavarois to hotels, restaurants, and cafés through wholesale outlets. Craftsmanship, first-class dairy products and ultra-fresh fruit all combined into one.

Here at La Venezia it is all about quality. That is what makes the difference! Our quality starts with tradition and recipes. Next, we choose the best ingredients.

We take pride in the fact that we are a long-time employer to most of our employees. For they are key to our quality and expertise. Together with our state-of-the-art production process and our logistical partners, this ensures you also can be proud to carry our product range.

Great service
La Venezia is very flexible in its services. We have a wide variety of products in stock. Should the need arise, we can quickly arrange an extra or new production run for you. Our employees have customer satisfaction as their core goal. They will ensure timely delivery of the products you need.  At La Venezia, we are ready to engage with you, now and in the future!