Authentic premium ice cream

Taste 80 years of tradition and a full, creamy flavour, fresh fruit, premium quality nuts, chocolate and much more. Italian ice cream parlour, La Venezia opened its doors in 1938. The ice cream we individually portion out and package for you today is the same quality, authentic Italian ice cream as back then. You can taste this heritage in our Il Primo Ice Cream, Sorbet and Frozen Yoghurt. Authentic ice cream, created with passion, available in 15 flavours.

Premium Frozen Yoghurt

Try our honest and authentic Italian Sorbet made with 100% natural colourings and flavourings. The basis of our Il Primo® Premium Sorbet is pure, and you can taste the fresh fruit. Fruit pieces are added for an even more intense taste sensation.

Just as delicious: Il Primo® Premium Sorbet is vegan and entirely free from lactose & gluten. Quite simply the best in its class. We call it Premium Sorbet for a reason! Minus the premium price tag, because our sorbet is also affordable.

Premium Ice Cream

Il Primo® Premium Ice Cream is real, traditional Italian ice cream. Il Primo® Premium Ice Cream sets itself apart from other premium ice creams with its high quality and attractive price. Il Primo® Premium Ice Cream is prepared with 100% natural colourings and flavourings.

Premium Frozen Yoghurt

Just as much enjoyment, without the guilt. Frozen Yoghurt ice cream is prepared using real, tangy-fresh yoghurt. It is lighter than normal ice cream, but certainly not lighter on taste! Ideal for calorie-conscious ice cream lovers.

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